Young Thug Plans To Build Waterpark In 'Slime City'

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Young Thug Plans To Build Waterpark In 'Slime City'

Young Thug has big plans for his 100-acre 'Slime City' in Atlanta as he looks to build homes, a waterpark, a camp site and a dirt bike trail on the premises.

Young Thug Plans To Build Waterpark, Camp Site + Homes In 'Slime City' Published on:Aug 31, 2021, 6:34 AM by 0 Atlanta, GA Theres no confusion over which category Young Thugfalls into when it comes to the Five-Percent Nation adage, You either build or destroy. Earlier this month, the YSL rapper received 100 acres of landin his hometown of Atlanta on which to build his very own Slime City. If that sentence sounded farfetched, rest assured its very real as new details surrounding Thuggas plans for his mini metropolis have emerged. Trey Williams, the Atlanta realtor who sold Young Thugs manager, Geoff Ogunlesi, the plot of land, revealed to TMZ on Sunday (August 29) that Thugga is looking to build homes, a waterpark, a camping site and a dirt bike trail on the undeveloped land. He also wants to bring his annual music festival, Slime Fest, to the premises. Obviously, Young Thug will require permission from the city before building these things. But according to Williams, work will begin as soon as they get the green light. When wants something, he wants it now, he said. Everything is already in the works. Everything will be happening as soon as possible, as soon as we get all the architects involved, engineers. Its a few things we got to put in place permits and stuff like that. Once all that gets in place, then well start building up. As zany as Slime City may sound, Williams believes Young Thugs generous nature is at the heart of his plans for the city. Hes got things that he wants to do with the community, he said. Since Ive known him, hes been a giving person, he loves the community. Ive never seen him turn down one person asking for a picture. So hes going to build some stuff for the kids there. Read more

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