Young Thug Gives New Rolling Stone Cover Slime Vibes

sohh July 29, 2021 Young Thug 45
Young Thug Gives New Rolling Stone Cover Slime Vibes

Atlanta rapper Young Thug is clocking in his modeling goals. The hip-hop star is donning the newest cover of Rolling Stone magazine. Young Thug Dons Cover Of

July 28, 2021 Young Thugs Toilet Pic Thug is doing the most with his social media presence. The hip-hop superstar recently shocked fans by posting up a super disturbing pic of himselfin one of his most private and compromising positions ever and much to the dismay and shock of the Internet. YT initially hit up his Instagram pagewith the unexpected snapshot. While its not graphic, it leaves little to the imagination about what hes doing in the pic. Thugger even wrote So what Im rich., ultimately emphasizing his wealth gives him a pass for the toilet selife. While the post ignited over 311,000 likes, its the comments section which Delete this bro It aint to late to delete this This aint it chief delete this twin Its not to late to delete this Thugger Young Thug Shows Footage Of Inmates Being Released Earlier this year, Thugger went non-troll modewith his Paid the Fine music video. The must-see visual detailed the motivation behind a super incredible deed of posting bail for 30 individuals locked in Georgias Fulton County Jail. It also helped show viewers how these men were behind bars for extremely low offenses and then able to reunite with their families. ThePaid the Finevideo documents this emotional process and broadcasts a strong message on the necessity of people being given second chances and a way out of the system. At the helm ofYoung Stoner Life Records,Thuggerdemonstrates the power in working hard and being successful, and the importance in giving back to the community once youve made it. With over412,000 individuals being held in the USA who cant afford to pay their bond,thePaid the Finevideo shines a light on the national issue through the lens of a local community, in hopes to raise awareness and encourage those who are able to help to do so. Young Thug + Gunna Drop Stacks Initial reports claimed the duodid the amazing deed in late April 2021. Thugger and his protg Gunna focused on helping a handful of inmates. The rappers said most of the men and women were being held on minor offenses but couldnt get out because they didnt have the money. Channel 2s Michael Seiden caught up with both artists at Cleveland Avenue Park on Sunday afternoon. This is where we are from, said Jeffrey Williams, who is known as Young Thug. We just woke up and went to the jail with the lawyer and you know DAs and the prosecutors, you know, the bonding companies and just got as many people as we can out. ( Read more

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