Wendy Williams Both Burped & Farted During Her Talk Show

hiphopwired March 18, 2021 hip hop 147
Wendy Williams Both Burped & Farted During Her Talk Show

Wendy Williams burped & farted while on the air and quickly apologized for the incident

March 16, 2021 As you can see by her face she was lowkey embarrassed and apologized to the audience for the hiccup. But being the pro that she is, Wendy continued to give her two cents on the matter as if there was nothing there to see. Unfortunately, there was and this clip will live in infamy until her next on-air embarrassment. At least she quickly apologized which is a far cry from her 2020 farting in which she denied cutting the cheese and tried to say everyones ears were deceiving them. At the time she used the excuse that I barely fart Because gas gets released several different ways and mine is belching, because all I do is talk. Well, she belched AND passed gas. Its okay though. Everyone farts. Theres nothing to be ashamed of not many people fart on air though. Just sayin. Shell be okay. At least she didnt pass out on air and scare the bejesus out of everyone. HipHopWired Radio Read more

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