Watch Vince Staples Tiny Desk (Home) Concert Set Online

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Watch Vince Staples Tiny Desk (Home) Concert Set Online

Vince Staples celebrates the release of his new self-titled album with a set on NPR Music's Tiny Desk series, taking place out in Hollywood, California.

CLOSE Source: NPR / NPR Fresh off of the release of his latest album, Vince Staplescontinues his hot streak with a new appearance from home- as part of NPRs venerated Tiny Desk concert series. Released this past Friday (July 23rd) by NPR Music, Vince Stapless set took place in a palatial house out in the Hollywood Hills area of Los Angeles. The entire set exclusively features songs from his new self-titled album, launched via Blacksmith Recordings/Motown Records. Vince Staples entered the Billboard charts at No.1 for Current Rap Album upon its release, and the acclaim it received placed it at No.21 on the Billboard 200 at the time. For Staples, this release is just the beginning for what he has planned for 2021. The rapper has several projects that hes currently working on, the details of which will be released throughout the weeks ahead. Staples said in a statement about the set: Im a mind more than I am an entertainer to a lot of people, before adding, I appreciate that my fanbase is willing to go on this ride with me. Im ready to diversify what were doing and see how we affect the world. The vinyl sales for the album have already exceeded expectations, as the rapper expressed through his Twitter account on the day of the LPs release: Staples performs with sharp backing by Kenny Beats on the bass, Gio Dutchboi Ligeon on guitar, Reske on keyboards and the vocals, and David Meyers Jr. handling the drums. Singer and songwriter Foushe joins Staples for the rendition of the track Take Me Home. Other songs featured in the set include Sundown Town, The Shining and Law of Averages. Check out the Tiny Desk concert below. Vince Staples is out now on all platforms. HipHopWired Radio Read more

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