Tory Lanez Remanded As Parents Erupt In Courtroom #ToryLanez

hotnewhiphop December 24, 2022 Tory Lanez 14
Tory Lanez Remanded As Parents Erupt In Courtroom #ToryLanez

Reporters are giving insight into what went down in the Tory Lanez courtroom as he was found guilty of all 3 charges against him.

Link Copied to Clipboard! Share this page Torys father called the guilty verdict the greatest miscarriage of justice. He also called out Roc Nation and Jay-Z as he escorted out. The internet has lit up now that the verdict has been shared in the Tory Lanez case. The singer-rapper has been convicted of assault and weapons charges, and its reported he faces 22 years in prison. According to Lawyers4Workers, at the courthouse, when the verdict was read, Lanez stood motionless. Then, he was remanded on the spot and taken to jail. His sentencing will take place on January 27. The reporter also stated that Lanezs father, Sonstar Peterson, and stepmother created a scene. After the verdict was read, they allegedly began yelling in the court, and many targeted Roc Nation and Jay-Z. Its said that Tory Lanez Found Guilty Of All 3 Charges In Megan Thee Stallion Shooting Additionally, reporter Meghann Cuniff gave more insight into the chaos inside the courtroom. Tory Lanezs father stood up guest and screamed. This is a wicked system! He screamed at the prosecutors that they are evil and they know exactly what they did here. In another moment, His stepmother stood up screaming and yelling. Father was yelling about Roc Nation.' Cuniff also reported, Tory Lanez was remanded on the spot, led out in handcuffs by sheriffs deputies. There were six total in the courtroom, two at door and four behind Lanez, and there was quite a scene when they tried to get Lanezs father and stepmother under control. This was the scene outside the courthouse a few minutes ago. A lot of media interviews going on. Im told no one spoke on camera on the 12th floor, so I didnt miss anything. LA DAs office will probably issue a press release. Tory Lanez Too Short To Shoot Gun Over Door, Says His Attorney One woman in the gallery held up her hand as Torys father was screaming about Roc Nation and wicked injustice, repeating In the name of Jesus!' Also, Deputies were forcing them all out into the hallway and telling the gallery we had to stay seated. One woman turned and looked at the reporters sitting behind her, including me, and said, Jay Z is a b*tch. Report that: Jay Z is a b*tch.' It was additionally stated Lanezs young son began crying as sheriffs ushered out the rappers father. Social media has also been divided in reactions, as Lanezs supporters have declared this a miscarriage of justice. However, the #WeStandWithMegan hashtag has taken over Twitter. Check out more from Cuniff below. The deputies were able to manage the scene (I heard Torys father screaming, Dont push me but never saw a huge fight) but it was very chaotic for several minutes and we could hear Torys fathers screams from the hallway. Meghann Cuniff (@meghanncuniff)

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