Tory Lanez Has Christmas Dinner From Behind Bars #ToryLanez

hotnewhiphop December 26, 2022 Tory Lanez 26
Tory Lanez Has Christmas Dinner From Behind Bars #ToryLanez

Tory Lanez was provided with Christmas dinner in jail over the weekend.

Tory Lanez celebrated his Christmas dinner from jail over the weekend. According to TMZ, the Los Angeles Sheriffs Department provided a lineup of food options for the holidays. Corrections facilities offered 4 oz of roast turkey, 4 oz of mashed potatoes, 2 oz of gravy, 1 oz of cranberry sauce, 4 oz of green beans, 1 cup of tossed green salad, a dinner roll, a pumpkin muffin, and chocolate milk. NEW YORK, NY JANUARY 27: Tory Lanez discusses his creative process during BMIs How I Wrote That Song 2018 on January 27, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images for BMI) Additionally, there are Halal, vegan, diabetic, and more options available for inmates. For now, police are holding Lanez at Mens Central Jail in Los Angeles, California. Police brought in Lanez on Friday after a jury found him guilty of shooting Megan Thee Stallion in 2020. He faces a maximum sentence of 22 years in prison and the possibility of deportation back to Canada. After the jury reached their verdict, Lanezs father, Sonstar Peterson, labeled the result a miscarriage of justice, outside the courthouse. You wanna know exactly how Im feeling? he shouted as he approached reporters. I just stood here, in this Los Angeles County, and witnessed the worst miscarriage of justice this world has ever seen. You wanna know exactly how I feel? I got some names I wanna call out. Lanez father continued. Alex Sipiro, Desiree Perez, and the whole wicked system of Roc Nation, including you Jay-Z. You who say you rose from the gutter, but you have traded and bargained, and tortured the souls of young men, and youre still doing it. As for how many more Christmases Lanez will be spending behind bars, his sentencing is scheduled for next month. [

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