SZA + Summer Walker Are Cooking Up

sohh June 30, 2021 SZA 113
SZA + Summer Walker Are Cooking Up

Music star Summer Walker is cooking up in the studio but with a couple major hitmakers. The West Coast crooner went to her social media pages to reveal possibly

June 30, 2021 Internet Rips Summer Walker Over Mommy Duties The Internet was not feeling what Summer Walker recently served up. Social media came forward to go off on the R&B artistover pics showing her and her recently born child. Walker managed to get things goingby sharing some pics of her and her mini-me. However, it wasnt the blurred out identity which stood out the most but both the way she held her child and the appearance. People didnt resist and fully went offon Walker possibly not providing enough nutrition for her child. Summer Walker Isnt Dating Men Anymore On her alternate @galactawhore Instagram account, Summer Walker recently swore off menand launched her search for a woman to date. Her post included the rainbow symbol of the LGBT community. Summers relationship with producer London on da Track has been on-again, off-again, but he did just buy her a Tesla for her birthday a couple weeks ago. where the b*tches at? I never wanna see another again Im scarred fo life Cant Believe Her B-Day Surprise The chart-topping singer recently went to her Instagram page recently to talk about her childs father. In addition to gushing over Londons surprise celebrationon her born day, Summer also shared footage of her getting gifted a decked-out Tesla car. This was literally the best birthday Ive ever had. I dont even celebrate my birthday lol this man had to drag me out the house. Told me we were going to a simple dinner but I end up getting surprised by all my closest friends and fam everything was so beautiful & thoughtful from the decor, the flower cake, all the vegan food, the gifts, the trap music, the celeb birthday vids lol everything was just so perfect thank you so much Read more

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