Summer Walker Can't Hold Back Tears W/ B-Day Surprise

sohh April 13, 2021 Summer Walker 177
Summer Walker Can't Hold Back Tears W/ B-Day Surprise

R&B singer Summer Walker knows she has a true ride or die in London On Da Track. The popular crooner has dished on just how special he is following a surpri

Summer Walker cant hold back. Summer Walkers Pushing For Positivity In late March 2021, SW went to her Instagram page to share an uplifting message. Walker posted a picfeaturing a tweet encouraging people with good hearts to start winning. its time for people with good hearts to finally win. A post shared by SOHH (@sohhdotcom) Summer Walkers Mental Health Push In late January 2021, Walker hit up Instagram and kept things 100 about staying healthy. Summer shared a deep statementabout the value of having strong mental health. Your mental health is more important than your career, money, other peoples opinions, that even you said you would attend, your partners mood and your families wishes, combined. If taking care of yourself means letting someone down, then let someone down. Some Serious Life Advice A few months ago, SW didnt hold her thoughts back on social media. In addition to speaking on professional help, Walker also encouraged followers to stop allowing the media to set the standard for beauty bags & chains are nice but seriously if your willing to drop that type of money you should really consider investing in a spiritual life coach & a therapist. Mann that shit is really liberating. Its essential for healing that child hood trauma that WE ALL have (shadow work) & plays a major part in transitioning into a well rounded multifaceted evolved & mature adult. youll stop hurting yourself & others only opening soo many doors mentally spiritually physically & financially. & honestly lol to come healed is extremely attractive. I hope this encourages someone to start their spiritual/mental health journey. Read more

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