Strip Club Responds To Usher Using Fake Money W/ Dancer

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Strip Club Responds To Usher Using Fake Money W/ Dancer

R&B superstar Usher really does have money to blow with actual dead presidents on it. New reports claim the Grammy-winning superstar actually dropped big ba

Share Strip Club Responds To Usher According to reports, Sapphire a club representative has come forward to provide some clarity. While he did drop bills with his face on them, Ush made sure to properly compensate the employees including dancers and staff workers with authentic cash. Were told Usher and co. ended up spending thousands on the dancers (REAL thousands, mind you) and also enjoyed bottle service which he definitely didnt cover with these Usher bucks. It goes without saying Sapphire tells us theyd love to host him again, anytime. Now for some more intel on what the hell actually happened here sources close to Usher tell us that somebody in his crew (not him) left some stray Usher dollars behind on the stage as a bit of a gag both to be joke-y, but to also promote his new Vegas residency. ( TMZ ) An exotic dancer in Las Vegas shared pics on social mediaof $100, $20 and $1 bills with Ushers face on them that she claimed he gave her for a performance instead of real money. The Usher bucks are part of the promotional material for Ushers upcoming Vegas residency. Ladies what would you do if you danced all night for usher and he threw this?? The dancer added: & the money does not have a trade in value what so ever! Lmao dont yall think he should be blasted on social media for this sh*t? Read more

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