Russ Promises To Drop His Favorite Song This Week

sohh March 21, 2021 Russ 175
Russ Promises To Drop His Favorite Song This Week

New Jersey rapper Russ is giving fans something to get excited about. The hip-hop heavyweight and independent musician has promised to drop a pure fire record -

UGLY music video premiere. They turn a strip club into an all-out money-filled affair. Russ Sets The Bar In July 2020, the hip-hop artist shared his mind and planson Twitter for how things would change for him. Russ vowed to fall back from clashing and arguing with his peers. Im sittin here thinkin how the last time I toured America was 2018.the next time (hopefully) is 2021.yall know how crazy that tour is gonna be?!?! Its 2020. New decade. As of today, I am no longer arguing or beefing with any rapper who cant sell out an arena and/or go platinum by themselves God bless!! The Pre-Quarantine Lifestyle Before the world entered a pandemic, Russ reflected on how he managedto have fans across the globe. He even talked about social media trying to paint him as a struggling musician with a low fan base. I got the best fans in the world. Let the internet tell it and you would think my shows are 5 people booing I love yall. Worldwide yall show up. No openers (so far) and yall have SHOWED me how much yall really fw me. Means the world. This a new chapter too. C u soon Read more

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