Omarion Says B2K Doc Will Address The Ex-Group's Dramas #B2K

hiphopdx July 11, 2022 B2K 70
Omarion Says B2K Doc Will Address The Ex-Group's Dramas #B2K

Omarion talked with TMZ about a new docu-series he's working on called 'OMEGA: The Gift & The Curse'.

TMZ Live and said a forthcoming docuseries on the group will detail B2Ks tumultuous break-up, and shine a light on a few of the dramatic headlines that ultimately ended the band. We call that being unbothered, Omarion said when asked about whether B2Ks behavior distressed him. Being unbothered it just means that you dont give someone else your power and you decide how to respond instead of reacting. Reacting to everything can be a disadvantage because its thoughtless and it doesnt serve you. So standing up for yourself during challenging times is essential to staying and maintaining your peace. So this is a great opportunity for me to just give my public and my fanseven context to the Verzuz everything that has happened thus far I have never spoken on. He continued, So this docu really encapsulates my truth and my perspective. I would also like to say just about our journey and starting so young as kids a lot of people are responsible for our relationship at this current moment in time. Me being the last member to come into the group and them already having some kind of synergy, it always has felt within the scope of my career that I never had their support. Which I dont think came from them. I think it came fromelders and people that were meant to be supporting us at the time. So, you know, this docu really shows exactly some of the things that has happened through our journey. Read more

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