Offset Is Working On A Streetwear Competition

sohh March 17, 2021 Offset 158
Offset Is Working On A Streetwear Competition

One of rap's most popular couples is taking over the reality-show realm. Grammy winner Cardi B and her husband, Migos member Offset, are both adding to their re

Cardi B calls Offsets son a perfect sibling. Cardi Bs Love Letter The Bronx native went to her Instagram pageand didnt hold back. Along with sharing shots of herself and Offset on a beach, Cardi explained how he has encouraged her to embrace the small things in life and to have fun. I want you to wake up seeing this .Thank you baby for this amazing trip.Youre right , sometimes I gotta slow down and live a little .I have such a New York mentality Im always thinking about the work and chasing that money but when you think fast youre mind might crash .Being a artist comes with more then just music and videos it comes with a business .Thank you for setting me up for the right path for me not to f*ck up ever again.I love you Offset Takes Beach Stroll With Kulture In February 2021, Offset took to Instagramwith a hand-holding shot. He showed off his father grind and let it be known he was enjoying a walk on the beach with his daughter Kulture Kiari. Walks on the beach with @kulturekiari Happy & Blessed Offset also shared footage of himselfbeing filmed by his wife Cardi B. The clip features him doing an insane backflip on the beach sand. Read more

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