Megan Thee Stallion Does Insane Kettle Bell Workout

sohh March 30, 2021 Megan Thee Stallion 208
Megan Thee Stallion Does Insane Kettle Bell Workout

Houston rapper Megan Thee Stallion isn't playing around with her workout goals. The hip-hop superstar has shared a fresh sneak peek into her latest Hottie Boot

Meg Thee Stallion shows Pardisons here to stay. Meg Thee Stallion Topless Pic Recently, the H-Town native hit up Instagramwith some jaw-dropping snaps The pics featured her topless and draped in iced-out underwear. Honestly just waiting for HotGirl summer to start The pics didnt go unnoticed by a long shot. Megs boyfriend/rapper and actress La La Anthony made sure to reactto the must-like pics. God snappppped !!!! -Pardison Fontaine -La La Meg -Skai Jackson you are drop dead gorgeous wow -Chloe Bailey The same week, Meg also shared some shots of herself bood upwith Pardison. Fontaine also hit up her Instagram posts comments section to geek out over the pics. Pardi girl N THE HOT BOY -Pardison Fontaine Pardison Fontaine Makes Light Around the time Meg Thee Stallion revealed to the world she was dating Pardison Fontaine, the couple was caught on camerain the middle of what sounded like a serious shouting match. Able to poke fun at themselves now, Pardi and Meg ran it back for laughs this past Grammy night Tell Megan to come to the door! Right now! You got five f*cking seconds! Read more

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