London On Da Track + Summer Walker Tease Boo'd Up Pics

sohh March 18, 2021 Summer Walker 177
London On Da Track + Summer Walker Tease Boo'd Up Pics

Producer London On Da Track and Summer Walker have fans super hyped for the arrival of their first child together. The hip-hop pair have lit up social media wit

Share London On Da Track + Summer Walkers Bood Up Pics London hit up Instagram with the super gushy shots. The pics feature him and Summer looking extra coupled up and rocking fresh gear. waitin on princess bubblegum to arrive The post even sparked a low-key salute from Walker in Londons comments section. A post shared by !!! (@londonondatrack) Summer Walker Cant Believe Her Old Pic Summer Walker has a baby on the waywith the hip-hop producer and before pregnancy she claimed to have been getting booty injections. So the self-titled fat mama looked a lot different now than she did in the throwback pic shared recently. I dead cant believe I was this skinny lmao thank god for a** shots A post shared by The Neighborhood Talk, LLC (@theneighborhoodtalk) Summer Wants Everyones Egos Gone The popular crooner recently came forward to speak on her wish for peoples egos to go offline at least once a monthin an effort for folks to be internally liberated. SW recently went to her Instagram page with the big request. I wish once every month all egos would disappear for the day. lol itd be really cool to see all irrational anger, emotional projections, lack of introspection, denial, facades etc cease for the day. everyone would have to just operate as their true selves. itd be vulnerable & liberating af Summer Walker Finds Hilarious Amazon Must-Own Recently, Walker went to her Instagram Storyto share a look at how shes preparing for diaper-changing goals. SW revealeda selection of nose plugs to help keep the smell to a minimum when she finally gives birth to her mini-me. Lmao at me ordering these for diaper changing Read more

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