Logic Claims 99 Percent Of Rappers Are Frauds Calls Tekashi 6ix9ine Prime Example #Logic

allhiphop July 20, 2022 Logic 8
Logic Claims 99 Percent Of Rappers Are Frauds Calls Tekashi 6ix9ine Prime Example #Logic

Logic said Tekashi 6ix9ine and the vast majority of rappers are inauthentic artists who put on a character in their music.

Logic claimed almost all Hip-Hop artists rap about a life they dont live and used Tekashi 6ix9ine as the poster boy for fraudulent rappers. The Maryland native made his claims during an interview on the Impaulsive podcast, where he discussed leaving Def Jam When the host suggested it must be difficult for artists to share their most intimate thoughts and experiences only to have their art critiqued by the masses, Logic disagreed. Its amazing that you say this too, he began before sharing his opinion on authenticity in Hip-Hop. Like 99 f###### percent of rappers are a mask, they wear a mask thats not really who they are. Logic Says Tekashi 6ix9ine Is The Prime Example Logic continued, highlighting Tekashi 6ix9ine as a prime example of rappers lacking authenticity. Its very evident, right. Im not talking s###, Im just saying that he puts on this character especially if you judge based off what he said in court. Tekashi 6ix 9ine famously snitched on the Nine Trey Gang, testifying to the feds to help secure himself a lesser sentence. Thats not my f###### business, Logic continued. The 44 More rapper then clarified, Im not calling Tekashi 6ix 9ine out, before explaining that fans get turned off by rappers fronting in their raps. He continued and said when rappers lyrics are full of violent threats and references to drugs and murder, listeners become critical of them as a person rather than their music itself. If theres somebody out there thats like oh his music is whack, Logic explained, what theyre really saying is hes whack. In turn, Logic says the rapper doesnt care because theyre not portraying their true selves anyway. But hes like I dont give a f### because this isnt even really me. You know what Im saying? He repeated, I aint trying to f###### start beef with 6ix 9ine. Im just using an example that there are some rappers out there that are more about a persona and a personification and because of that when people s### on their music or s### on them it doesnt matter because theyre not really portraying who they are on the record. Check out the clip interview below. Share AllHipHop |

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