Lil Nas X Drops New Single 'STAR WALKIN'' #Nas

rap-up September 22, 2022 Nas 15
Lil Nas X Drops New Single 'STAR WALKIN'' #Nas

The song serves as the 2022 League of Legends Worlds Championship anthem.

/09.22.2022 Lil Nas X is back with new music. After teaming up with NBA YoungBoy, the newly-named President of League of Legends unveils his new single STAR WALKIN, which serves as the 2022 Worlds Championship anthem. Been that ni**a since I came out my mama / Thankin God daddy never wore a condom, sings Nas, whos been teasing the track on social media for months. Prove em wrong every time til its normal / Why worship legends when you know that you can join em? The song arrives alongside an animated video featuring iconic landmarks in San Francisco, where the League of Legends World Final will take place. Speaking with Apple Music, Nas opened up about his latest release. Making this song was a lot of fun, he said. I had the verses forever, and it took, no joke, 30 different, 40 different 50, I dont know how many different hooks, to get the hook to a place where Im, Okay, this is something I like. Thats cool. But overall I had a fun time in the studio. I had a fun time putting these pop elements and drill elements together. I thought it was really cool. Its been one year since Nas released his debut Montero, but he admits that hes not in album mode quite yet. My creative spirit is honestly in the garbage can. I want to be completely honest, he said. But I feel like its coming back. Yeah, Im not worried because I know its going to come and I know its going to be the best s**t Ive ever made thus far. Im just super confident in that, and Im just happy to be in the in-between right now. In the meantime, you can catch Nas on his Long Live Montero Tour, which travels to Philadelphia, Atlanta, Nashville, Miami, and Los Angeles before heading to Europe in November. YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE

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