Kanye West Fans Shocked Over Nick Fuentes Friendship #KanyeWest

hotnewhiphop November 24, 2022 Kanye West 15
Kanye West Fans Shocked Over Nick Fuentes Friendship #KanyeWest

Kanye West has been kicking it with white nationalists as of late, and this past week, he added another one to his list.

has been hanging around some truly bad people as of late. Of course, he was recently seen with Milo Yiannopoulos, who is his new campaign manager. Additionally, he is now hanging around political commentator Nick Fuentes. Kanye West & Nick Fuentes In the clip down below, you can see that Kanye and Fuentes were walking through Miami International Airport. They were actually on their way to Donald Trumps Mar-A-Lago. Ye had noted that he wanted Trump to be his running mate, and clearly, they have some business to take care of. Kanye West & Nick Fuentes together in Miami International Airport . November 23, 2022 Consequently, people are having quite a discussion about Fuentes on social media, and for good reason. Simply put, he has some very dangerous ideas. He has said numerous bad things about the black community and has even advocated for military intervention in black neighborhoods. Overall, Fuentes is a white nationalist who has denied the holocaust. He is very open and honest about being a white nationalist, which makes Yes association with him that much stranger. Kanye West used to be an advocate for black people but now, he is hanging out with people who do the exact opposite. November 24, 2022 Fans React To Yes Actions Although Kanye still has quite a few defenders, there are plenty of fans who believe this is a horrible step in the wrong direction. Milo, Fuentes, and others of that ilk are provocateurs who want to uphold white supremacy. As a result, fans are truly disappointed that Kanye has stuped to this level. Nick Fuentes is one of the most prominent Holocaust deniers online right now, and Kanye is helping to mainstream him, one person wrote on Twitter. I seriously doubt that Kanye knows Nick Fuentes is a virulent racist because hes an ill-informed moron, but this just illustrates how far hes pathetically fallen down the right wing rabbit hole hes gone that hes in the same circles as these bigoted freaks, said another. Kanye West going from Bush hates black people after Katrina, to flying to Maro a Lago with Nick Fuentes of all people is quite the 17 yr journey. Ric Pundit (@Ferric242)

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