Fans Are Mad At Lil Durk For...But Why?

allhiphop April 20, 2021 Lil Durk 119
Fans Are Mad At Lil Durk For...But Why?

Lil Durk is winning, but some of his fans feel they took a loss.

Fans Are Mad At Lil Durk ForBut Why? Fans Are Mad At Lil Durk ForBut Why? By : illseed/ Categories : Rumors/ April 20, 2021 Lil Durk is winning, but some of his fans feel they took a loss. (AllHipHop Rumors) First of all, I wanna say I am very happy that Lil Durk did not have an incident at a concert where a gun was fired in the midst of a crowd. That is great news for the culture, because you already know they want something like that to happen. Second of all, Im extremely happy that this guys finally hitting his stride. It is certainly a long time coming. With that, the fans are talking. Lil Durk Declares Himself The Chicago Jay-Z A number of people have been complaining that they spent a ton of money for tickets and didnt get accommodated accordingly. Specifically one person said that they paid $700 for a front row ticket and it was so disorganized that they didnt get their proper placement. They are saying that even though there wasnt a violent incident, there could have been very easily been one. Security was sus. They said that they were letting people in without tickets, didnt check bags and really didnt pat people down. On top of that, which I did not know, it was like thousands and thousands of people out there. There were apparently numerous technical difficulties as well including microphones and an overabundance of people on stage. At times, the DJ would just play the songs in the crowd with sing-along. Those that were considered VIPs did not get those spots and that security was so light that it was quite scary. Lil Durk Comments On Reports Of Gunfire At His Phoenix Concert Some people allegedly were trampled when those fake shots let off in the concert of thousands. But the main thing that people are saying is that they paid somewhere between $200 and $700 and did not get what they were asking for. They are saying that they paid for essentially nothing and some of them on a refund from Lil Durk. I know we like to celebrate when something insane does not happen but we have to normalize dope stuff happening. Read more

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