Exclusive: Ayo & Teo Talk 'Rolex,' Justin Bieber, & Going Viral

rap-up July 12, 2017 Ayo & Teo 104
Exclusive: Ayo & Teo Talk 'Rolex,' Justin Bieber, & Going Viral

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Rolex, with its hypnotic chorus and dance-ready beat. But before the success of their viral hit, the duo of brothers simply wanted a Rolex with a dab of ranch. During a recent visit to Rap-Up HQ, Ayo explained how the groups hit song came to be, following an ill-fated trip to the jewelry store. I sent a picture to my manager, said the social media influencer. He never responds that fast. He responded quick like, Get out that store right now. Im like, Come on.' Disappointed, the duo went back to their hotel room and got to work on a track that would catapult them to their greatest success yet. We had the T-Pain Auto-Tune app on our phones, he added. We were fooling around on that, just rapping to instrumentals. went to the bathroom. Im like, Why are you in the bathroom? I guess it was like a studio, a play studio. He came out with the hook, but it wasnt the full hook. He only had some of it. We went to the studio and knocked it out that night It only took about an hour-and-a-half. The track took off like wildfire, becoming a major sensation on social media, where global stars like Justin Bieber, Kylie Jenner, and Hailey Baldwin danced along to their infectious single. Justin Bieber was the biggest of them all, said Ayo. In Dubai, three-second video, just vibing to the song. It was crazy. Although this was a career high for the duo, it wasnt the first time they experienced love on social media. In fact, their creative and energetic dance moves earned them massive followings before Rolex. Musicians, looking to capitalize on this, would pay them to dance to their records online. A post shared by Rap-Up (@rapup) on May 11, 2017 at 5:29pm PDT At the time, Ayo was working at Big Lots and doing construction jobs on the side, where he got paid under the table. Meanwhile, Teo was in school, getting in trouble despite, or as he puts it, because of, his huge social media following. When I hit like 200K on Instagram, thats when bad stuff started happeni Read more

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