Derrick Rose Announces YZY ROSE Collaboration With Kanye West

thesource April 05, 2021 Kanye West 114
Derrick Rose Announces YZY ROSE Collaboration With Kanye West

Both Kanye West and Derrick Rose are hometown legends. Both have gone on to be accomplished and accoladed in their respective fields.

April 2, 2021 Big bro team walks in and say they have to talk business, started Rose. Me and my Queen were about to leave the room and give them their space to talk business. He told us to not leave G shit! His team was telling him to really think about the decision becuz it was going to be time consuming and he had a lot on his plate at that time. Next day we get on the plane to head back home and we seen that he did the GAP deal. We couldnt believe it. I been watching Ye from a far my whole life. Watched EVERY interview and move he made and loved how God, self belief and that Chicago toughness, plus that soulful touch got him through all the bullshit that was in front of him. Im a student of Success and its been a blessing to watch dude. He continues by detailing Yes beginnings. From moving to Newark, NJ after being evicted from his Chicago apartment in order to be closer to New York, he created his own opportunity. This ultimately led to him playing beats for Jay-Z. After a number of product placements, an accident that changed his life, and uncanny resilience, the rest was history. While there are no specific release dates, it is good to know that we should expect something in the future. Last year his wife, Alaina Anderson, previewed the potential collaboration. Yeezy x Derrick Rose Read more

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