Cuban Doll Gets Low-Key Checked By Nicki Minaj

sohh May 23, 2021 Nicki Minaj 110
Cuban Doll Gets Low-Key Checked By Nicki Minaj

Rap artist Cuban Doll might want to reconsider what she puts out into the digital universe. The hip-hop star is catching heat after Young Money's Nicki Minaj ha

Cuban Doll gets low-key checked by Nicki Minaj. Cuban Doll Wont Pay Taxes Outside of getting spell and grammar checked by Nicki, Doll recently declared her opinionon paying taxes through a Twitter post. CD revealed she refused to pay any taxes and claimed she would rather sit in jail. Whether Cuban had issues with the difficulty of filing taxes or simply disapproving of the practice entirely was unclear, but one thing was obvious, she had made up her mind. Paying taxes aint for me. Ill sit in jail f*ck yall! Fans responded to Cubans post with understandable concernshe might face consequences for the controversial statement. Why go to jail!??!! Cause when you get out! You still gone owe!! Better pay dem people!! Be careful what you wish for IRS about to DM her. Cuban x Solo In June 2020, Doll went to her Instagram page with another strong opinion by posting a ride-or-die type of messageto the masses. Cuban didnt get into specifics but said she didnt need anyone to hold her down. Ion need not 1 single person on earth -Cuban Dolls Twitter Cuban x Sex Tape Leak In mid-June 2020, Doll went to her Instagram page to fully address some major drama While she acknowledged knowing a sex tape existed, Cuban said her biggest issue was with family members seeing it. Read more

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