City Girls Are Set To Release 'Twerkulator'

thesource May 19, 2021 City Girls 93
City Girls Are Set To Release 'Twerkulator'

It's That Season: City Girls Are Set To Release 'Twerkulator' In Time For The Summer

Clermont Twins. The twin sisters called on the City Girls for copying their pose and not crediting them. Its the moodboard for meeee, Shannon Clermont tweeted, before tweeting, They hatethen they copy. In a separate tweet she claimed, I love Caresha, but Yung Miami nipped that in the bud. It wasnt on our mood board but I DID tell JT lets try the post I thought it was cute! Whats the problem? The rapper added, Nobody discrediting yall Im not with the shady sh*t lets not go there! Shannon wanted some smoke and responded, Its love over here too but Lol lets not go there? Cause what? But Miami stood her ground, ou let me know I addressed the room its whatever. Im Mad cause I like them fr! JT came through and added her two cents calling the Clermont Twins fake fashion b*tches. These magazines & brands not! Yall be scared to see other women grow & learn. Its enough clothes for everybody! Talking about fake fashion b*tch you no Naomi I see your ass on holiday flyers like everybody else! So lazy of you to be tired about a POSE!!!! Read more

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