Azealia Banks Uses Kanye West To Promo 'Fuck Him All Night'

hiphopdx July 06, 2021 Kanye West 88
Azealia Banks Uses Kanye West To Promo 'Fuck Him All Night'

Azealia Banks is using Kanye West's name to promote her forthcoming single, 'Fuck Him All Night.'

or boiling a dead cat. Now, Banks is using Kanye Wests name to promote her forthcoming single, Fuck Him All Night. On Tuesday (July 6), the controversial rapper shared the singles cover art to her Instagram account, which looks like an ode to Rolling Stones famous cover art for the 1971 album Sticky Fingers. The photo features a close up of Banks denim bikini bottoms with her hands across her crotch and K-A-N-Y-E W-E-S-T nails prominently on display. She wrote in the caption, Fuck Him All Night. (OFFICIAL COVER). View this post on Instagram A post shared by SEA QUEEN ?? (@azealiabanks) But the promo didnt end there. Azealia Bankshad another, um, trick up her sleeve. In a since-deleted Instagram post, Banks K-A-N-Y-E hand was wrapped around a dildo in yet another attempt to shock her fanbase. When someone asked if the single title meant she had slept with Kanye West or wanted to sleep with Kanye West, Banks replied, I was fuckin him all night. Azealia Banks shows off her KANYE nails in honor of her new single Kanye West releasing this Friday. Read more

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