50 Cent Calls STARZ A 'Mess' + Sounds Ready To Leave SOHH.com

sohh May 27, 2021 50 Cent 97
50 Cent Calls STARZ A 'Mess' + Sounds Ready To Leave  SOHH.com

New York rapper 50 Cent is ready to explore greener pastures. The hip-hop heavyweight has come forward to call out premium cable network STARZ over a social med

Share 50 Cent Calls STARZ A Mess Fifty hit up his Instagram page to acknowledge making a social media mistake. 50 posted up a since-deleted shot of his Power Book III actress Patina Miller and after getting STARZ upset called out the network for being a mess. The rap heavyweight and Power executive producer also acknowledged he needed to create his empire quicker before heading to the hill. STARZ is upset i posted @patinamiller I didnt know that picture wasnt out, but i do know i have to build faster and get the fuck outta here this sh*t is a mess. The drama ignited a few reactions including a post from rap star Snoop Dogg. However, a handful of people shared their concerns for 50s relationship with STARZ. GLG -Snoop Dogg When you post again well act just as excited as the first time you posted Man tell them to relax Its a method to your madness !!! They should know that by now. Tell Starz you need that money by Monday fif Starz should be bowing down with how you revived them with power that run was huge Tell them your show is the only reason we stay subscribed. No way 50 Cent really leaving STARZ sooner than later? Hope they can iron this stuff out! Read more

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