Yella Beezy Urges 'Lazy' People To Work At McDonald's #YellaBeezy

hiphopdx June 03, 2022 Yella Beezy 38
Yella Beezy Urges 'Lazy' People To Work At McDonald's #YellaBeezy

Yella Beezy took to his Instagram Stories on Thursday (June 2) to call out lazy people and told them to get jobs in retail or fast food restaurants.

Yella Beezy is urging people to take jobs in retail and fast food restaurants. Taking to his Instagram Stories on Thursday (June 2), the Dallas rapper called out people for being lazy and told them to stop caring about the opinions of others. Aye man McDonalds is hiring like a mf, racetrack, Walmart, Walgreens ect, he wrote. Decent pay to starting at $14-$16 a hr. They giving managers damn near $20 now at McDonalds. I aint saying its a life changer Cuzz the world we living in everything high and over priced. But if you aint got no money bro thats a choice, mfs looking for a hand out just to continue to beg later on. THEY BEGGING PPL TO WORK RIGHT NOW.. He continued, n-gga better put ya pride to the side and get a job AINT SHIT WRONG WITH WORKING!!! hustling in the streets aint for everybody its ok to walk legit. Fast cash is to slow for some ppl. I aint got no sympathy for a grown mf being lazy with they hand out not tryna get nothing because you care what the next mf say about where you work or how u get paid. You gotta start somewhere. FUCC THEM PPL!!! Read more

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