Yella Beezy Arrested On Weapons & Guns Charges In Dallas, Claims He Was Set-up

hotnewhiphop February 14, 2021 Yella Beezy 106
Yella Beezy Arrested On Weapons & Guns Charges In Dallas, Claims He Was Set-up

Following reports of his arrest, the cause of his detainment has officially been revealed. When footage of Yella Beezy being detained by officers in his hometown of Dallas, Texas Valentine's Day weekend surfaced, internet users everywhere began to speculate what caused the arrest. He was reportedly ...

back in November. According to TMZ, however, law enforcement sources have confirmed he was arrested on weapons charges, which the rapper claims was a set-up. The sources revealed that Beezy was arrested Saturday night (February 13) while driving in Dallas when cops pulled him over for allegedly running stop signs. They then searched his car, for unknown reasons, before finding an unlicensed weapon in his vehicle. Videos surfaced online show this occurring, and you can visibly see a cop checking inside the black SUV's trunk. The rapper's manager Adrian Low Brown told TMZ he was driving in his armored-plated, bullet-proof truck in his old neighborhood to get flowers for his girlfriend ahead of Valentine's Day when police stopped him and claimed be blew a stop sign. They then heckled him for his vehicle smelling like weed, which he says they used as an excuse to search his car. Beezy claims he does not smoke and cops couldn't find any of the substance in his car to get him on possessions charges. As for the gun, Beezy's team says all of the weapons in his arsenal are registered. They add they're currently attempting to bail him out, noting it's a case of harassment by cops. We'll keep you updated on further developments in this case. [ Read more

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