Xzibit Offers $10K After Napalm Warehouse Is Looted

hiphopdx April 08, 2021 Xzibit 243
Xzibit Offers $10K After Napalm Warehouse Is Looted

Veteran West Coast rapper Xzibit is offering a $10,000 reward for tips leading to the arrest of some early morning thieves.

Xzibit Offers $10K Reward After His Napalm Warehouse Is Looted: 'It's An Inside Job' Published on:Apr 8, 2021, 10:34 AM by 1 Los Angeles, CA Veteran West Coast rapper Xzibitis offering a $10,000 reward for tips leading to the arrest of some early morning thieves. On Thursday morning (April 8), the X to the Z shared an Instagram video capturing some of the damage done to his warehouse, where he presumably stores his Napalm Cannabisproducts. The company name stirred up some controversy earlier this week due to its association with deadly weapons and the Vietnam War. Now, Xzibit believes hes being targeted. What youre looking at is someone broke into my warehouse last night, he explains in the clip. They couldnt do it with the media shit, so they come and do it at my place of business. Guys, Im being targeted. This shit is crazy. They come into my warehouse and my place of business, kick my doors in. Just look at him. Look at him. Four in the morning. Its an inside job. This is not random. Yo, fuck yall. We still rollin. He added in the caption, Shits outta hand. They will try everything to bring me down. This is just out of fucking control. $10,000 reward for any information leading to the arrest of the people involved. I will find you. View this post on Instagram Xzibit wasnt done there. He then discovered one of the suspects mistakenly wiped some blood on one of the doors inside the warehouse and left some tools behind. Guess what you dumb fucks? he says in the second video. You fucking idiots. One of you assholes was bleeding last night. Yeah. Somebody left some muthafuckin blood here. Guess what else you fucking dickwads? Sloppy fucks. You left tools you stupid fucks. He captioned the video, Turn yourself in. Dumb asses. You left something. View this post on Instagram Xzibit has been the subject of criticism for the Napalm Cannabis name for a few days but addressed the backlash in an Instagram video, explaining the moniker is nothing more than a reference to his 2012 album of the same name. The word napalm is definitely synonymous with war and being used as a weapon, he said, If you know anything about me and my body of work, I have albums called Weapons of Mass Destruction and Man Vs. Machine, so on and so forth. So this album here is called Napalm. I put this album out in 2012. I know people dont use CDs anymore, but this is where the branding for Napalm came from as you can see. Thats the font we use, thats the flame we use, so its based off the album. And it transcended to how we build our cannabis company. Read more

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