Will Smith Smacked Chris Rock Over Jada Pinkett's 2Pac Obsession #2Pac

hiphopdx July 17, 2022 2Pac 52
Will Smith Smacked Chris Rock Over Jada Pinkett's 2Pac Obsession #2Pac

Speaking to theTop Billin with Bill Bellamypodcast, Tony Rock speculated Will Smith smacked Chris Rock over 2Pac and Jada Pinkett.

According to Chris Rocks brother Tony, thats precisely the reason Smith smacked the famed comedianon live television during the 94th Annual Academy Awards in March. Speaking to the Top Billin with Bill Bellamy podcast earlier this month, Tony Rock speculated Smith was tired of being emasculated in front of his wife. I think that was the accumulation of him being slapped on other levels, he explained. He said it himself, he always hated the soft moniker. Hes soft, Jada wont let 2Pac die, its always something about 2Pac and his daughter brought up 2Pac. And Im not bringing up family stuff that people dont know this is stuff that everybody knows. He added, commonly talks about Tupac, her relationship with 2Pac. As a married man to this woman, youre like, Damn is what Im doing not enough?' As for why Smith chose the Oscars to execute the slap heard around the world, he suggested it was all about how Pinkett looked at Smith after Chris Rock made the G.I. Jane joke about her bald head. He wasnt embarrassed, everybody saw the footage, he laughed first, he said. So thats not embarrassment, he was laughing. In the time they cut to my brother and cut back, he was already up walking . So maybe it was the Jada look. Chris Rock hasnt really talked about the incident publicly, although he did promise he would if the money is right. He did crack a jokeabout the slap during Dave Chappelles set at The Hollywood Bowl in May after he was attacked by 23-year-old Isaiah Lee. After the situation was diffused, Chappelle laughed it off and wondered if it was a trans man whod attacked him. The wild scene prompted Chris Rock to ask, Was that Will Smith? The crowd, of course, erupted in laughter. Subscribe to DX Newsletter Get The Most Important Stories Of The Day Straight To Your Inbox Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Youre Far Too Kind To complete the subscription process, please click the link in the email we just sent you. Joining Newsletter More on Hiphopdx Read more

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