Was Saweetie Begging For Money Or What?

allhiphop May 10, 2021 Saweetie 127
Was Saweetie Begging For Money Or What?

Saweetie is back...but it feels a little off!

200 That said, it seems like Saweetie is in a bit of a crisis mode now that this gossip this has some legs. People are really believing that shes asking for money, and with her relationship with Quavo going kaput, that adds to it all. The other thing, I saw was just a real lack of enthusiasm from the audience and Saweetie herself. I dont know, I just dont get it. If there was a gag, people didnt really get it. Saweetie Getting Over Quavo By Working And Planning To Make $900 Million So where are we with all this? It seems like now they are doing damage control and trying to clean up the story and state that she wasnt actually begging for money. I think they are about to show up on some major media outlet to explain. I know shes not really out there asking for money like the rest of us so this may have been the plan all along. So the thing I am curious about is is this all to prove that she can do her own thing without Quavo? Posted in Read more

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