Tyga To Launch Myystar Adult Platform Page

hiphopwired August 23, 2021 Tyga 37
Tyga To Launch Myystar Adult Platform Page

Tyga To Launch 'Myystar' Adult Platform Page After 'OnlyFans' Banned Sexually Explicit Content

CLOSE Source: Station Provided/Radio One / Hot 96.3 Over the weekend, sexually explicit OnlyFans models were shocked when word came down that the pay-for-play website would be ridding itself of pornographic content, and Tyga for one was especially upset at the news and development. After deleting his OnlyFans account in protest, Tyga has decided to take things to a new and surprising level by launching his own adult themed content platform dubbed Myystar for models looking to bank off their bare booties. According to Forbes Kylie Jenners ex is looking to fill the hole that OnlyFans will leave behind, but of course Tyga will be looking to get his cut from future revenues that the site will surely generate. While OnlyFans took a 20% cut of their models earnings, Tyga will only be asking for 10% as hes doing this for the people whose pockets will take a hard hit from the sexually explicit ban that OnlyFans will impose on its creators. I know how many people make a lot of money on OnlyFans, and thats where most of their revenue is at, Tyga exclusively told Forbes. I want to give those people hope. Tyga partnered with Forbes 30 Under 30 Art & Style alum Ryder Rippswho has worked on branding for Travis Scotts Cactus Jack and Kanye Wests creative agency Dondato design myystar. Beyond explicit photos and videos, Tyga says the platform will house content from podcasters, comedians, athletes and musicians. Creators will also be able to sell their own NFTs. While no one knows how much money Tygas made from his OnlyFans account ($20 a month to subscribe), it is numbered in the millions as there are a lot of diehard Tyga fans out there who cant get enough of him. Why you think none of his cars have been repossessed as of late ? Tygas Myystar website is set to go live in October with the first content creators getting on via an invite-only basis. Should be interesting to see who Tyga drafts to be the cornerstones of his new franchise. HipHopWired Radio Read more

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