Tyga Deletes OnlyFans Account + Launches His Own Platform SOHH.com

sohh August 20, 2021 Tyga 55
Tyga Deletes OnlyFans Account + Launches His Own Platform  SOHH.com

West Coast rapper Tyga is looking to do it big without OnlyFans' help. The hip-hop star has announced the launch of his overnight rival Myystar platform and enc

Bhad Bhabie Sees Nothing Wrong W/ OnlyFans In spring 2021, Florida teen rapper Bhad Bhabie lit up the Internet when she joined OnlyFans and reportedly earned $1 million in her first six hours. Responding to critics of the OnlyFans hustle, the platinum-selling artist believed she knew a hater when she saw one. Cash Me Outside originator Bhad Bhabie became an OnlyFans membersoon after she turned 18 years old, and claimed to have pocketed $1 million from the adults-only site right away. Some critics argued OnlyFans should raise its age minimum to 21, which didnt sit well with Bhabie. I think any b*tch who says that is mad cause they didnt make as much money as me. Im not groomed by nobody. I make all my own decisions and I have been since I was very young. Amber Rose Reveals Reason Behind OnlyFans Hiatus Vixen Amber Rose was recently back on her thirst trap goals . The hip-hop model hit up social media to properly explainthe lack of steamy and OnlyFans-driven content on her pages. I tore my MCL 8 months ago, I had to rest and wear sneakers & shit but now Im better Ahhh I finally get to be a hoe again! Missed me? Link in bio The post sparked a major co-signand reaction from OnlyFans queen Erica Mena in the comments section. Absolutely Zaddyyy Tyga + Amber Roses Sons Freak Out A few days prior, Muva Rose went to her Instagram pageto share a must-see clip. The video showed her longtime friend Tyga announcing a huge surprise trip to their sons. Disney World and Universal Studios??!!! #sebastiantaylorthomaz #kingcairo #blackboyjoy Read more

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