Travis Scott Tossed A Man's Phone Too, Allegedly #TravisScott

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Travis Scott Tossed A Man's Phone Too, Allegedly #TravisScott

After being accused of putting hands on a soundman in NYC, Travis Scott is also being accused of tossing another man's phone.

But the latest revelation is that just prior to putting hands on the soundman, Scott chucked a mans phone who committed the faus pax of filming him. Reports TMZ Hip Hop : In video obtained by TMZ, you can see Travis behind the DJ booth at Nebula in NYC as he performed a surprise DJ set. Already agitated, it appears Travis doesnt appreciate a man with a cell phone filming while he spins. Thats when Travis snatches the phone the video is murky at that point, but the phones owner tells us Travis tossed it striking him in the head and cracking his screen. The man tells us reps for Nebula offered his table a free bottle of booze for his troubles, but he turned it down. However, he tells us hes lawyered up with plans to file both a police report and civil lawsuit. The NYPD is investigating the incident with the sound engineer as possible assault and criminal mischief. The rappers lawyer released a statement saying, While this is clearly a misunderstanding being blown out of proportion by clickbait and misinformation, we are actively working with the venue and law enforcement to resolve and set the record straight. We are confident our client will be cleared of any wrongdoing. Were going to bet that Travis Scott will be settling both of these cases, if he can. And it wont come cheap. RELATED TAGS Read more

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