Tory Lanez Just Gave Artists The Weapon To Defeat Labels + Spotify

sohh August 25, 2021 Tory Lanez 45
Tory Lanez Just Gave Artists The Weapon To Defeat Labels + Spotify

Rap crooner Tory Lanez wants big respect placed on his name. The hip-hop star has stepped up to speak on his When It's Dark NFT rollout and how his desperation

Share Tory Lanez Just Gave Artists His Blueprint To Win TL went to his Instagram page and kept things 100 on his recent behind the scenes struggles. Lanez acknowledged the industry blackballing his presence on digital streaming services playlists had him seeking a higher power for guidance. They took every single avenue away from me. They took the playlists away from me and you know what I said, bro? I said, This isnt on me. This isnt a me thing anymore. This isnt a Tory versus the world. You know what I did? I immediately went to praying. I immediately went to straight praying. I said, God, show me a way. Show me what I can do here. Show me a way. Show me something thats different. When the world is standing against me, show me a different way. And I prayed, I kept praying, kept praying, kept praying and God told me he was going to bless me a thousand times over to the point Im praying its like God starts speaking through me they was blocking me in every type of way. And for a second I said I wasnt going to question it every time they tried to stop me, I kept praying. I kept going. Lanez didnt stop there. Tory continued to explain how his launch of his first-ever NFT album benefited both himself and loyal fans. TL further detailed how this power move ultimately could take down the record labels and streaming giants and empower musicians. If yall not fully understanding let me explain this to you. 1 dollar for the NFTs, right? I sold these sh*ts to my fans for 1 dollar. People came. Some people bought 20, some people 5. Some people bought 60. I doesnt matter how much you bought, it was only a dollar. For 60 bucks, you bought 60. I need yall understand. One of those copies is going for 50,000. 60,000. And these are sold. Go look at the list right now. See how small the sellers list is getting. Yall understand what the f*ck is going on? I just cracked the f*cking industry. Yall dont understand I just cracked this sh*t? This whole sh*t is over. I cracked the whole sh*t. Its over. No more middleman. All yall artists out there, f*ck the label. F*ck the n*gga telling you I got you for this day on Spotify. F*ck that. Yall gonna get paid and your fans are gonna get paid. Theyre coming to you, why? Because yall making money together. Its the digital trap house, welcome n*ggas. Your f*cking welcome. We here. You understand why Im going so crazy? I cant believe I did this sh*t my f*cking self. A post shared by LONE $TONE PLAYBOY (@torylanez) Tory Lanez Actually Sold A Milli Earlier in the month, Lanez announced his newly releasedNFT project literally sold out in less than 60 seconds. TL went to his Instagram pageto break the massive news to followers. Lanez announced his million copies actually disappeared in under a minute. 1 MILLION COPIES SOLD IN 57 SECONDS REVOLUTIONARY.. HISTORICAL INNOVATIVE & A HUGE SUCCESS Read more

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