Tony Yayo Says Tory Lanez Will Be Attacked In Jail #ToryLanez

hotnewhiphop January 05, 2023 Tory Lanez 16
Tony Yayo Says Tory Lanez Will Be Attacked In Jail #ToryLanez

In a recent interview with VladTV, Tony Yayo says he believes that Tory Lanez will be the victim of targeted attacks while in jail.

Tony Yayo is typically an entertaining guy. Beyond his raps, hes certainly never afraid to speak his mind. The G-Unit rapper recently sat down for an interview with VladTV. During the conversation, he shares his thoughts on the recent Tory Lanez guilty verdict. Recording artist Tony Yayo celebrates his birthday at Club Angels NYC on March 30, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Johnny Nunez/WireImage) Of course, DJ Vlad doesnt shy away from asking the 44-year-old about the case. He asks Yayo what its like in jail as a rapper, based on the New York natives personal experience. I mean, it could be rough. People are not used to the conditions. You nobody, you just a number. They gon make you feel like youre not R. Kelly or Bill Cosby, they tryna make you feel like you just a number and thats what you are, just like everybody else, he answers. Motherf*ckers dont care. If you get out of line, a motherf*cker will get out of line with you too. And then you more of a target. Cmon, L.A. county? You seen they put up his meal. Yo, Tory Lanez in here. Thats the talk of the jail and now everybody in the jail got something to talk about, Yayo continues. Later on in the interview, the Drama Setter rapper explicitly says what he would do to his lawyer if he was in Lanezs shoes. Where Im from, I aint never hear nobody really shoot a girl. Like, you shoot n*ggas, but really dont shoot girls. So its a strange case. If he woulda shot a n*gga, n*ggas probably wouldnt have cared, he prefaces. She got hit in the foot, its not an attempted murder, so for me, I probably woulda just copped out. Look at Tory, you go to jail on Christmas, you think you gon beat the case and then my lawyer wouldve got punched in the face, cause Im not spending a quarter million dollars and my lawyers not telling me, yo, we might lose this, he explains afterwards. Tony Yayo says he wouldve punched his lawyer in the face if he was Tory Lanez

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