Thriving Aberdeen rap and hip-hop scene to be showcased via groundbreaking partnership #hiphop

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Thriving Aberdeen rap and hip-hop scene to be showcased via groundbreaking partnership #hiphop

Rap, hip-hop and drill platform HOURS ABDN have teamed up with Aberdeen Performing Acts to deliver events to promote th city's exciting emerging talent - beginning at The Lemon Tree

Rap and hip-hop platform HOURS ABDN have entered into a groundbreaking partnership with Aberdeen Performing Arts to showcase the Granite City’s rising talent. Founded in 2021 by highly respected Aberdeen producer Vagrant Real Estate (aka Nick Cronin) and rapper Jackill (Jack Hughes) HOURS ABDN has been at the heart of the explosion of talented hip-hop and rap artists in the city. Now they have partnered with Aberdeen Performing Arts (APA) to deliver a series of events over six months to showcase the city’s next generation of rap, trap, drill and hip-hop. The collaboration begins at The Lemon Tree on Saturday September 23 with M2 and Yxng STUNNA headlining. M2 and Yxng STUNNA recently released collaborative track DUUUK , an homage to Aberdeen FC star striker Luis ‘Duk’ Lopes – with the video filmed at Pittodrie. Anticipation for the track, which was released on Thursday, September 14, was so intense previews racked up hundreds of thousands of views across social media. HOURS ABDN founder Nick Cronin said; “We are happy to partner with Aberdeen Performing Arts to take what we have been doing up to the next level. “Being able to use venues like The Lemon Tree will really help us showcase the hip-hop talent growing in the city. “It will give them more visibility and exposure. “Partnering up with the established body of APA also gives the overall event a bit more credibility and visibility.” Hip-hop is breaking new ground Enigmatic drill artist Yxng STUNNA and M2 are two of the hottest rappers emerging from the Granite City and rack up regular monthly streams in the tens of thousands. Nick insists the Aberdeen scene is thriving. He said: “We had Yxng STUNNA play at our Spin showcase and he was absolutely phenomenal. “He commanded the crowd and received an amazing reaction. “M2 has been creating a lot of buzz with his own releases and also a collaborative release with Yxng STUNNA called DUUUK. “There are more and more acts from Aberdeen putting out high quality music and visuals. “Acts that are able to rival what we see in the Central Belt. “During the covid lockdown a lot of people were at home working on music and are now building up more of an audience. “The scene in Aberdeen is getting to a very good spot and there is a real buzz. “Hip-hop in general across Scotland is continuing to break new ground.” Symi Nemesis, Marcco and Chachy Also confirmed for the bill is Symi Nemesis who draws his sound from trap, drill and rock influences. Marrco will also perform having recently dropped tracks 2Pacs and Crash. Also confirmed on the bill is drill rapper Chachy. Nick said: “Symi Nemesis is more of a grunge, trap and drill sound with a very tight, technical flow. “He is a very impressive artist. “Marcco is a newer artist with a couple of releases out that are already building a strong fanbase. “He does bilingual flow-aways, switching between languages in songs which is a really fresh angle.” Pay-what-you-want tickets for event Due to the ongoing cost of living crisis Nick insists that is to ensure the event is fully accessible to all who want to attend. There will also be an Open Mic section at the event. Nick said: “Times are very difficult for a lot of people at the moment. “It is always at the forefront of our minds to make sure our events are accessible to as many people as possible. “We are able to make it pay-what-you-can where you go on to the website and donate how much you want to pay for a ticket. “Or you can get a ticket for free. “We will also have an Open Mic at the start of the show which we have never done at any previous events. “We thought the prestigious stage of The Lemon Tree would be a good chance to open it up and give people a chance to perform and get their music out. “There are only a few spaces left on the open mic as you have to sign up in advance and send your song through. “It allows people who are perhaps not ready to do a full set the chance to get their music out and get people aware of their name.” Read more

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