The Weeknd Launches Next Era Of Music

hiphopdx August 02, 2021 The Weeknd 61
The Weeknd Launches Next Era Of Music

The Weeknd further teased his return in the early hours of Monday morning (August 2) by sharing a new song snippet on social media.

Fuck it IT STARTS TONIGHT, The Weeknd initially tweeted to send fans into a frenzy. fuck it IT STARTS TONIGHT The Weeknd (@theweeknd) August 2, 2021 In a new GQ feature The Weeknd described his upcoming project as the album always wanted to make. He also teased his hopes to reconnect with Kanye West and work with Tyler, The Creator on collaborations. Id love to work with Arca, he said. Arcas great. Id love to work with Kanye again. Especially on production. I got mad love for Tyler, the Creator, and what hes doing right now. Tyler is funny, man. I remember he came to one of my performancesI think it was like a festival performance. And he was very vocal about how Starboy was his favorite song at the time. You can tell hes waiting for the song. I could see him. As soon as the song happened, hes like, All right, cool. Thanks. And he just peaced out. It was pretty funny. But hes somebody that I really admire, because he wears his feelings on his sleeve. Abel unleashed his mammoth After Hours album in March 2020 at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. The project spawned one of the largest Hot 100 hits of all-time with Blinding Lights spending 85 weeks on the elusive chart and counting as it remains a Top 20 staple. Read more

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