The Weeknd Announces Plan To Embrace Abel Tesfaye #TheWeeknd

sohh May 11, 2023 The Weeknd 30
The Weeknd Announces Plan To Embrace Abel Tesfaye #TheWeeknd

Renowned R&B/pop singer, The Weeknd, has surprised fans and the music industry by revealing his intentions to retire his iconic stage name and embrace

Share The Weeknd, whose real name is Abel Tesfaye, has become synonymous with his stage persona. However, the multi-talented artist feels the time has come for a change. In his interview with W Magazine, The Weeknd shared his plans to bid farewell to his stage name, stating: Im getting ready to close the Weeknd chapter. While he expressed uncertainty about the future moniker under which he will release music, he clarified that he aims to leave The Weeknd behind and embark on a new artistic path. The origin of the Canadian natives stage name holds a personal story. It traces back to a pivotal moment when he and a high school friend dropped out and embarked on a journey together, leaving their hometown behind for good. The name symbolized a departure from their former lives, signifying the start of a new musical and personal adventure. After achieving tremendous success, The Weeknd desires to shed the skin of his stage persona and rediscover himself as Abel Tesfaye. The Weeknds Industry Achievements Throughout his illustrious career, The Weeknd has achieved remarkable milestones. He has four #1 albums and seven #1 tracks on the Billboard charts. Recently, he celebrated another accomplishment as his hit song Earned It received its fifth diamond certification. This recognition further solidifies his status as one of the industrys most influential and accomplished artists. Celebrities & Their Stage Name Transformations The Weeknds decision to transition away from his stage name follows in the footsteps of other notable celebrities who have embarked on similar transformations. One prominent example is Diddy, who has name multiple times throughout his career. The fluidity of artistic identity allows musicians to reinvent themselves and explore new creative territories. Miss Mulatto To Latto Speaking of stage name changes, The Weeknd finds common ground with fellow artist Latto. In 2022, Latto, formerly Miss Mulatto, shared her journey of transitioning from one stage name to another on an episode of Caresha, Please. Read more

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