The Source |Your Old Droog X MF DOOM Track Brings Us Back To Hip Hop With 'Dropout Boogie'

thesource June 09, 2021 hip-hop 150
The Source |Your Old Droog X MF DOOM Track Brings Us Back To Hip Hop With 'Dropout Boogie'

Your Old Droog X MF DOOM Track Brings Us Back To Hip Hop With 'Dropout Boogie'

Your Old Droog surprised fans with his new track that features a verse from rapper MF DOOM. In an ode to successful high school dropouts everywhere, Dropout Boogie gives that gritty feeling weve been missing from hip hop. Trading verses with the Supervillain himself, MF DOOM gives us the witty bars hes known for. Produced by Edan who effortlessly switches up the perfect New York-esque beat, the song is definitely a summer banger. Released as a limited edition 7-inch vinyl on Nature Soundswho consistently releases classics by your favorite emcees. This collaboration comes close to a year following MF DOOMs untimely passing. The track makes us feel like the villain never left, showcasing his rap skills with Droog and artwork by KEO XMEN. Advertisement Your Old Droog rips it giving me that 90s MC vibe with just the right ruggedness and enunciation in his voice only the greats possess. Providing hard hitting punchlines and bars that feel familiar, its hard to pinpoint where hes from other than Brooklyn. With bars like these itwont matter, but Your Old Droog which means Your Old Friend is from Brooklyn via Ukraine. Principal tried to keep me out the hall like Pete Rose Gambler popped em all with a six Four bogies and more licks, alcoholics Yesterday E&J brought rum out today Tapping bottles like warriors come out and play These meddling kids was pedalling meds We sold high grade like nerds I paid to solve a square root for me DOOM does what hes known for giving us clever witty bars that grace the word perfection. Dropping hidden jewels throughout the verse which is his forte while reminiscing on the pastwe definitely miss his organic creativity. Envisioning cocking the hammer and letting it blast Excusable then with cameras and then getting the pass And thats trash Deserve worse than late night meddling Villain irate still be quite the gentlemen While the song is a new anthem for dropouts, theres a message there as usual as Droog continues the legacy for DOOM. School is not for everybody, says Droog. I dropped out of high school, and community college, twice! The GED was nice thoughstay confident and follow your own path. Check it out! Read more

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