The Game Lists Dr. Dre & Diddy In His Posthumous Album Wishes

hiphopdx August 23, 2021 The Game 46
The Game Lists Dr. Dre & Diddy In His Posthumous Album Wishes

The Game agrees with Anderson .Paak's tattoo about posthumous music, but will allow a few exceptions if the right person is in charge.

TMZ, The Gamerevealed he agrees with his friend and collaborators wishes, but will allow a few exceptions when it comes to his own posthumous albums. Ive seen the tat I love it, The Game said. No. 1, you gotta respect his artistry. You gotta respect everyones artistry. Anderson is like my brother, and when I read it, I thought it was dope. I think Im in agreeance with that, man. I dont want my shit out either. Cause people always fuck the vision up, bro. If you not here, how could they finish it for you? Not for nothing, but Puffy, after Biggie died, Life After Death hit. But Puff is like, I dont know, if its not Puff or Dre, dont touch my shit bro. He continued, If it aint Puff, Dr. Dreor like Pharrell or Timbaland, someone like that, dont touch my shit. Im not getting the tat. Im not getting Dr. Dre, Timbaland, muthafuckin Swizz Beatz on my back. But no, all those dudes is family, man. Its all love. But I think what Anderson did, I think its dope Im in agreeance. But I got a little bit of difference in opinion because I would let only certain souls go ahead and do that. Anderson .Paak took to Instagram on August 16 to share a photo of his arm tattoo that serves as instructions for after he passes. Read more

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