The Fugees To ReuniteFor Verzuz Against The Roots?

allhiphop August 23, 2021 The Fugees 36
The Fugees To ReuniteFor Verzuz Against The Roots?

The Fugees may come out of group retirement again to confront the music industry once again. The Roots?

The Fugees may come out of group retirement again to confront the music industry once again. The Roots? This could be a worthy follow-up to Dipset vs The Lox! So I can kind of talk about something that I was unable to speak on previously. I saw a crystal clear flyer that looks as if there is a battle being arranged between the Fugees and the roots. Now some of you may not know the history between these two groups but they have some serious history. They go all the way back to the 90s as two of the only Hip-Hop bands to emerge at that time period. They had similar styles on stage and often times it was competitive, Bordering on beef. Obviously, they dont have the same beef that Beanie Sigel and Jadakiss had, but it was it was tense. So check this flyer out from BX : Ever since Jadakiss and The Lox battled Camron and The Diplomats we have seen a lull in the action. What could possibly top that amazing performance? Not a lot, but The Roots versus The Fugees could give them a run for their money! I know its been a long time, especially for the Fugees but they are amazing performers. If Im not mistaken, their last performance was at Dave Chapelles Block party. Fugees were plagued with inner-group squabbling and theres more to that. But, we dont have to rehash that other stuff. Anyway, we interviewed Black Thoughta couple of years ago and he detailed exactly what went on between the Fugees and the roots from his perspective. And what a perspective it was! On another note, the Word on the street is that the Fugees are looking to make a general comeback. And that makes sense! On the new Nas album Kings Disease II, Lauryn Hill comes back to true form as a rapper and lyricist. She did a great job on the album and got everybody talking. I think they are primed for a comeback! Wyclef and Pras have continued to make music so they are not particularly rusty. However, in this age of classic Hip-Hop, this could not have better timing. And then there are the roots! Obviously, Black Thought, bar-for-bar, is better than any one of The Fugees. But, The Fugees have a lot of hit records between the three of them. Clef is an incredible showman and freestyler and Lauryn Hill is still L-Boogie. And that makes for an extremely interesting battle. The other thing is, Black Thought said that he would not be willing to do a Verzuz and so that leads me to my next thing. This could be fake. In fact, my sources say it is fake. But I dont know! I think they are up to something. Posted in Exclusives Read more

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