The Festival That Didnt Cancel DaBaby Is Coming!

allhiphop August 16, 2021 DaBaby 48
The Festival That Didnt Cancel DaBaby Is Coming!

DaBaby has found some love from the birthplace of the culture and Hot 97's super concert called Summer Jam.

DaBaby has been canceled so many times, its more like a series of abortions! As you may remember, DaBaby was embroiled in a beef with the LGBTQ nation as they took offense to some comments he made at the Rolling Loud festival. The interpretation of those comments has been up for serious debate for quite some time. However, the result has been cancellation and loss of revenue for the rapper. Should it be like that? I dont know! But, it just seems like cancel culture is dominating all things these days. New York City is a little bit different though. The Hot 97 Summer Jamconcert, one of the biggest in the world, has decided to give DaBaby a chance. The funny thing is Summer Jam is actually not a festival, but then my headline would be pretty weak. Anyway, he is the headliner of the summer gym concert which has been delayed due to Covid in 2020. This year it comes, but just a little later than usual. The last few interviews that AllHipHop has conducted, the rappers have been very clear that they support DaBaby and furthermore they dont even agree with much of the cancellation culture. Others are taking it a step further and felt like cultural norms within Hip-Hop has been attacked and there has been a concerted effort to issue new normal. Not sure what that means but it sounds good. At any rate, there hasnt been any dust kicked up over the DaBabys inclusion in Summer Jam, which is interesting. Maybe since its a concert largely attended by DaBlacks. ALSO: The Lox and Dipset created a situation where the bar got raised tremendously so its going to be interesting to see what the performers bring to the stage. Theres also a DMX tribute with Swizzy. Maybe The Lox will be there. This is not to say that theyll be any battles up there, but there certainly will be a New York area audience looking for more. I am looking forward to it and I hope they stream it live so I can see it from my home. Read more

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