Tee Grizzley Reveals He Thought He Would Spend Life In Prison Until He Began Studying Law Behind Bars #TeeGrizzley

allhiphop July 19, 2022 Tee Grizzley 39
Tee Grizzley Reveals He Thought He Would Spend Life In Prison Until He Began Studying Law Behind Bars #TeeGrizzley

Tee Grizzley contemplated a lifetime in prison before hitting the law library to research his case: I didnt think I was getting out.

Million Dollaz Worth Of Game podcast Man, look I got n##### in there telling me, You better take ten years if they try to give that to you. He continued and explained he turned to his legal team for advice on what to do next. He also sought advice from fellow inmates. However, they and his lawyers urged him to do whatever he could to avoid going to trial. Nonetheless, he wasnt too keen on spending a decade behind bars and so took matters into his own hands. Tee Grizzley First Day Out He decided to hit the law library to research his case. He started with the tool his allegedly used in the robberies. They say we armed cause of the sledgehammer, right? Tee Grizzley explained. So I get in the law book. First thing I see I go to that type of s###, and they say, You can only consider something a weapon if they use it to threaten somebody and demand something. I aint never told nobody I was gonna hit them with the hammer. I aint raised nobody or nothing. So they cant say that thats a weapon. Tee Grizzley then took the idea to his lawyer who, despite his previous advice to the contrary, believed he was onto something. He recalled: I told my lawyer that and my lawyer surprised like, No you right. Im like, The f### you mean Im right? You knew this before me. I get to tell my co-defendant, Look read the law book. Look at every case, and we end up getting up out that m###########. Check out the episode below. Tee Grizzley recorded his hit single just days after his parole ended in October 2016. The track became the lead single from his debut mixtape, My Moment released in 2017. Share AllHipHop | Read more

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