Styles P of The LOX Says DaBaby Needs Coaching Not Cancelling

thesource August 12, 2021 DaBaby 55
Styles P of The LOX Says DaBaby Needs Coaching Not Cancelling

The Source | Styles P of The LOX Says DaBaby Needs Coaching Not Cancelling Styles P shared his opinion regarding DaBaby and cancel culture.

Visit for more information The LOX, who are fresh off their Verzuz battle win against Dipset sat down yesterday with Power 105.1s Breakfast Club. They openly discussed many details about their Verzuz battlefrom their rehearsal process to the actual show. They also spoke on the music industry business and brought up valid points on the way we address mental health and cancel culture issues. Most notably, however, was Styles Ps insight into Charlotte rapper DaBabys now infamous Rolling Loud performance on July 25. DaBaby has been under fire over the last two weeks stemming from disparaging comments he made towards the LGBTQ plus community and those suffering from HIV/AIDS. Many fans began prompting to cancel him. As a result of DaBabyson stage rhetoric, it caused him the loss of sponsorship deals, multiple performance opportunities, featured credits and public criticism from many high profile celebrities. Advertisement While Styles P said he did not agree with what DaBaby said, It was wrong. He also shared the following sentiments. If you gonna be on cancel culture, you cant be with mental health culture either. Who trained DaBaby? You in this industry now, this is how its gonna go? Cause Im pretty sure hes been around plenty of gay people. He has, hes in the industry. Hes been styled by them. Hes been dressed by them, hes done deals. Styles P adds, But no ones speaking up on his behalf saying alright, not to say Im speaking up on his behalf, Im saying he did something wrong. But who developed him? To say young man youre getting multiple millions now. Youre around Corporate now. When youre around Corporate this is how it goes Nobodys teaching him, then you wanna cancel him. Cause when you say something or do something out of line to the world, in front of the world, thats kind of a mental health issue. Not saying you are all the way out there. You might have snapped for a minute. But you just cant keep canceling everybody and saying you concerned about mental health and not developing them. Do you think Styles P and The LOX made valid points? Share your thoughts below. Read more

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