Soulja Boy's Kanye West Diss Song Is Dropping Today

sohh September 02, 2021 Kanye West 50
Soulja Boy's Kanye West Diss Song Is Dropping Today

Atlanta rapper Soulja Boy wants people to know he wasn't capping about going after Kanye West and to prove it, a new diss song is slated to drop aimed at the G.

September 2, 2021 Drake Sides With Soulja Boy Against Kanye West The diss song confirmation comes after hip-hop star Drake took sides in the feud Amidst a wild social media rant against Kanye West, Drizzy made it clear whose team hes on. The 6 God popped up on Instagramwith a Soulja Boy glasses filter on. There werent any words to be said, but his stance seems quite obvious amidst his own problems and low-key feud with Mr. West. Soulja Boy Would Have Whooped Kanye West The Atlanta rapper really, really, really doesnt like Kanye West right now and it seems like Drake is on his side. Regardless of any Drizzy support, the hip-hop star has continued his onslaught of public disses aimed at Yefollowing a fallout over the newly released Donda album. SB hit up his Twitterpage to unload some major hard-hitting tweets. Soulja referenced Yes now-infamous 2009 MTV VMAs incident with Taylor Swift and also acknowledge West donning a Make America Great Again hat in support of former president Donald Trump. U P*ssy. U really wore that trump hat too. You did a-lot of corny sh*t in ur career and got a pass. B*tch a** n*gga apologize to Taylor swift @kanyewest If u would have ran on stage and snatched a mic from my hand I would have knocked yo a** out live on MTV @kanyewest Soulja Boy Reveals Kanye West Feud Origin Earlier in the week, the rap veteran came forwardto acknowledge hes really feuding with Kanye West and explained where the problems stem from. New footage circulated online showingSB getting pulled up on by paparazzi. Instead of staying mum, Big Draco dishes on his biggest problem with Ye being an absence from his new Donda album. I aint tripping like that, it was just more of a thing where it was explaining it to my fans so theyre not in the dark about the whole situation. As far as when it comes to music, man, Im always willing to create. Its never nothing like, Oh, Im never going to work with Kanye again. Thats cap why you aint say that before the album came out? You waited until I expressed myself on social media and then you made an excuse. You know for a fact Kanyes not going to let nobody release his album without his permission so come on Kanye with the cap. Just say you f*cked up, you left Big Draco off the album, you know what you did. ( Read more

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