Soulja Boy Might Pull A Travis Scott Move Very Soon

sohh July 07, 2021 Travis Scott 67
Soulja Boy Might Pull A Travis Scott Move Very Soon

Atlanta rapper Soulja Boy stays working even if it's pitching ideas to the biggest fast food franchise in the world on social media. The hip-hop star has teased

July 7, 2021 J Balvins McDonalds Meal In October 2020, buzz developed about a major McDonalds collaboration going down with reggaeton musician J Balvin. His very own McDonalds line-up included a a burger and fries along with a signature McFlurry. The Colombian musician now has his very own special at McDonalds based on his favorite order. The meal comes with a Big Mac, medium fries with ketchup and, curveball, an Oreo McFlurry. The order is on sale starting Monday through Nov. 1 in the US. Customers who purchase The J. Balvin Meal as an offer on the McDonalds App will receive the Oreo McFlurry for free, according to a statement from the fast-food chain. Prices vary at different locations. ( ) Balvin previously issued a statementto dish on the unexpected partnership. As a longtime McDonalds fan, I am excited to join the short list of global icons who have had a meal named in their honor. I am looking forward to sharing my signature order with my fans, along with more surprises that are to come with this partnership. Lego! ( ) Travis Scotts McDonalds Burger Outselling Expectations Last year, rap star Travis Scotts now-infamous $6 McDonalds meal outperformed industry insidersand the restaurants own expectations. The burger, fries and soda meal forced some fans to have to wait for their nearest McDonalds to re-up on ingredients. The $6 collab meal, which features a Quarter Pounder with Cheese, baconand lettuce, amedium order of fries with BBQ sauce and a Sprite, was scheduled to be available through Oct. 4.The promotion will continue but, starting Sept. 22, to getthe Travis Scott Mealfor $6 it will have to be ordered through the McDonalds app. McDonalds confirmed the supply shortages were due to overwhelming demand, the upcoming promotion shift to app-only and other details outlined in the memo to USA TODAY. ( USA Today ) McDonalds confirmed the high demandacross social media and joked about expecting locations to sell out due to Scotts popularity. it wouldnt be a true @trvixXX collab if it didnt sell out in some stores, right? Travis Scott Celebrates McDonalds Meal Scott previously hit up Instagramto geek out over the nationwide takeover. Scott shared a few Instagram posts including a commercial clip promoting his new launch and a shot of himself chilling in front of an actual McDonalds restaurant. Live from Utopia @cactusjack for mc ds -Travis Scotts Instagram After days of mounted hype, McDonalds hit the green lighton releasing the must-try meal. Not for the vegetarians and vegans of the world, the meal comes with a quarter-pounder burger with bacon, fries and a soda. On Tuesday, McDonalds unveiled their new Cactus Jack meal in collaboration with hip hop superstar Travis Scott. As part of the promotion, McDonalds employees are all getting Travis Scott Cactus Jack t-shirts and hats. The Cactus Jack meal theyre selling is a $6 quarter-pounder meal with bacon, lettuce, barbecue sauce, fries and a Sprite. ( Read more

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