Soulja Boy Emphatically Declares 'Fuck No' To A 6ix9ine Collab

hiphopdx March 26, 2022 6ix9ine 16
Soulja Boy Emphatically Declares 'Fuck No' To A 6ix9ine Collab

The Brooklyn rapper's rise and fall has become one of the quickest in Hip Hop history as he reportedly is on the verge of bankruptcy.

claim to being from Atlanta or his back-and-forth with Kanye West But theres one artist wholl never get a verse from the She Make It Clap rapper, and hes more than adamant about it. During a recent chat with Raquel Harper for her Its Tricky with Raquel Harper podcast, Big Draco revealed the time for him and 6ix9ine to collab had long passed, given 6ix9ines history with the legal system and his turning federal informant to shave time off of his sentence. N-gga, hell nawl! Soulja laughs at the 20:43 minute mark. I aint doin no damn song with you, get the fuck outta here! Yeah, we cant do no song with 6ix9ine, he know that! He not expectin to get a Soulja Boy verse, he know that. Its a wrap. He added, It aint got nothin to do with me. We aint never did a song before, why we gon do one now? Why now though? You coulda did that when you first came out, the year after you came out its too late! Its way too late. If there was one New York rapper Soulja wished he could get a verse from in the future, it would be Read more

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