Snoop Dogg Confronts Stephen A. Smith About Weed

sohh August 24, 2021 Snoop Dogg 44
Snoop Dogg Confronts Stephen A. Smith About Weed

Hip-hop icon Snoop Dogg is giving his point of view. The West Coast rapper went onto the The Jimmy Kimmel Show last night, which was hosted by ESPN

Share Snoop Dogg Confronts Stephen A. Smith About Weed The two had a very civil discussion though, and Smith never got to give his signature stay off the weed line. Snoop gave his opinion on the use of weed by athletes and how beneficial it was in comparison to pills and addictive substances. I agree with your position when it comes to the athletes who have commissioners and rules and regulations and tests things that could stifle them from getting their money. But when Im speaking to entertainers and people like myself, we dont have a commissioner, we dont have none of that, so we dont get drug-tested. can hang around with the rappers, however cant do what the rappers do. What happens is you have these players who take these pills, and they get addicted to these pills, and it still doesnt give them the relief that they need as far as the pain or whatever theyre going through. I push for that in sports because baseball doesnt test for marijuana hockey doesnt test for marijuana, so it should be the same with basketball and football. Snoop Dogg Puts Career Into Wifes Hands While hes not on screen discussing the benefits of the green stuff, the LA icon is taking his marriage goals to an entirely new level The rap icon recently appointed his wife Shante Broadus as his official manager. The Doggfathers decision puts the Boss Lady Entertainment founder as the key overseer of his full portfolio of his business ventures and investments. She started her career by initially managing Snoop Dizzle and is back to helping guide his business decisions once again. In her new role, Shante will bring her vast, multi-dimensional expertise to expand Snoop Doggs existing ventures, as well as cultivate and fortify all upcoming partnership deals across the cannabis, spirits, gaming, music, brand partnerships, touring, licensing and TV/film space. Additionally, Shante will oversee the media arm of Snoop Doggs empire, diGGital doGG home to exclusive mobile apps, video games and a proprietary animation pipeline. Mrs. Broadus issued a statement confirming the power move and what made the decision a no-brainer. The industry at large is seeing a major shift in more representation of Black women in key executive roles. I am excited to enter this official position, helping to further expand Snoops wide-ranging empire, said Shante. I have been by Snoops side for over two so together with the rest of the team, our goal is to strengthen Snoops legacy as a brand with the loyalty and trust of our guidance that has made Snoop who he is today. Snoop Dogg Joins Def Jam The massive news came after Snoop shocked the rap game by joining forceswith iconic record label Def Jam. In a Twitter announcement, SD saluted Def Jam and explained his reasons for partnering with the label at such a late point in his music career. What up yall big Snoop Dogg, AKA King of the West Coast. I gotta give yall some information about whats about to go down. Theres a new creative consultant for Def Jam Records executive and you lookin at him now. Def Jam Record, and you may wonder why so long in my career would I want to work for Def Jam Records, let me tell you why. As a kid, a young rapper, Def Jam Record was the holy grail of hip-hop. Snoopy Reveals Throwbacks + Tributes Besides his power business moves, Snoop Dizzle has been preoccupied with his mother In May 2021, Dogg lit up Instagram with posts centered on beloved mom, Beverly Tate. The California legend shared everything from a tribute song to a Mothers Day playlist of tunes in her honor. Mothers Day mix.

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