Smashing R&B Hit "PR We Are" by Maxim Behar makes world premiere on Hot 21

Hot 21 Radio October 15, 2023 hot21radio 213
Smashing R&B Hit "PR We Are" by Maxim Behar makes world premiere on Hot 21

PR We Are - an R&B smashing hit by the famous and globally renown Public Relations expert Maxim Behar had a world premiere on Hot 21.

Behar, Bulgarian native, describes himself as "citizen of the world" announced that same time PR WE Are was launched in the BG Radio in Sofia and two days later on Euro news TV Channel. "The is the first ever song in the World dedicated on such a wonderful and dynamic business like PR and I am absolutely proud that the launch was organized in the USA considered as motherland of this business"q Behar said especially for Hot 21. "Amazing song for amazing business - PR. well done by Max and his friends Lil Sha and Big Sha. God bless them and their project", famous Chicago hip hop singer Correy "Coldheart" Johnson from Crucial Conflict, part of Universal Records says. Coldheart performed in the past together with Dr. Dre and Sniip Dogg and Crucial Conflict songs was awarded gold by the Recording Industry Association of America. PR We Are is written and produced by Maxim Behar, and the beat belongs to the young and very perspective 20-years old rap singer Lil Sha. His father Big Sha, also singing in the track - is considered as father of Bulgarian Rap Music. Both father and son live in Chicago since decade. Song also features famous country singer Sarah Harralson from Nashville who has 4 Grammy entries this year. Coincidence got two musicians with Behar in a Sofia studio, where they produced this brilliant song and the video was masterminded by talented Kristian Nedelchev from world's leading PR firm M3 Communications Group, Inc. . Maxim Behar is former President of Word PR Organization ICCO and author of the Amazon bestseller The Global PR Revolution published in many countries all over the world. Here is the link to the song on Spotify -

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