Sleepy Hallow Involved in Restaurant Brawl #SleepyHallow

xxlmag June 26, 2022 Sleepy Hallow 26
Sleepy Hallow Involved in Restaurant Brawl #SleepyHallow

Sleepy Hallow was involved in a restaurant brawl.

Sleepy Hallow and his entourage were in a wild brawl last week and it was caught on video. In a video that was posted on NYStateOfMinds Reddit message board Sleepy Hallowand his crew are arguing with workers at 1st RND restaurantat American Dream, a retail and entertainment complex, in East Rutherford, N.J. Several people are holding Sleepy back as he throws something at one of the employees. When the worker throws a chair back at him, that is when the Brooklyn rapper charges at the man and engaged in serious fisticuffs off camera. Several more chairs are thrown by other people as a brawl erupts off camera. A few seconds later, Sleepy Hallowemerges and is walking out of the restaurant. Meanwhile, another person delivered a hostile remark to another employee who is screaming for them to get out of the establishment. You can watch the brawl video below. Its unclear how the fight started. However, according to a tweet from someone who is a friend of a person who works at 1st RND, Sleepy, and his crew were allegedly rude to restaurant workers and got upset because their food took so long to get to their table after they ordered. He and his group showed up were rude AF to myself and the rest of the staff and then they tried to fight us and threw chairs, the person alleged in his text message. No one on my side was badly hurt besides a couple busted lips and scratches. It also appears Sleepy Hallow was arrestedfollowing the incident but we havent received confirmation. XXL has reached out to the East Rutherford New Jersey Police Department and the New Jersey State Police Department for comment. Story is developing... Read 10 Wild Stories That Took Place During Hip-Hop Tours Filed Under: Read more

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