Shawn2hot Creating A Buzz In The Hip Hop Scene #hiphop

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Shawn2hot Creating A Buzz In The Hip Hop Scene #hiphop

Shawn2hot's album, Volcano Music Vol. 1, is currently the hot topic in the hip-hop world and is awaited by many.

Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window) Emerging from Georgetown, Guyana, Shawn2hot was just like any other teenager when he came to the USA at 16, dreaming of making a big name for himself. Music was not only a hobby for him. It was a pillar that kept him standing and going about in life. Coming from a destitute background and having been a subject to violence at an earlier age, Shawn2hot had a challenging childhood. Instead of allowing these obstacles to get to him, he channeled his blood, sweat, and tears into music. Shawn2hot started writing poems, but when his understanding and passion for hip hop grew, those poems gradually developed into song lyrics. His singles particularly stand out due to their novel tones and themes, which Shawn2hot describes as a style labeled as thinking out of the box. The hurdles in his path were numerous but not alarming enough to lead him to give up. Although he had no money and no formal training, his knack for music and creating beats helped him earn a fortune. The trouble, however, arose when no music label considered him worthy enough to launch his music under their name. Not having a music background or any proper qualifications in music, most labels began to overlook him and his skills. While this may have motivated numerous others, Shawn2hot was not the one who quickly lost heart. The constant rejections had no hold over him. His escape from this overbearing situation was making more and more music. Shawn2hot classifies his music as being therapeutic for himself. Music has been his paradise when the world around him seemed like hell. Falling in love with this art helped him come out of the quicksand he would otherwise have been pulled in. With time he realized that waiting for a music label to pick up his music would be futile. Thus he decided to open his own record label named Volcano Music Group. Promoting his music was still a challenge for him. Still, because he was doing something he loved, any challenge only excited him and fueled his burning passion. Shortly after creating his own record label, Shawn2hot started releasing his singles which soon caught fire and became tunes analogous to hip hop. After the massive success of his singles, Shawn2hot saw his music being aired on station 105.1, a notable station in the world of hip hop. Motivated by his hard-earned success, Shawn2hot decided that it was time to release his first solo album under his music label. His album, Volcano Music Vol. 1, is currently the hot topic in the hip-hop world and is awaited by many. It is also predicted that this album will transform the whole panorama of hip hop. It is also likely to establish Volcano Music Group as a household name for music and other business ventures. Reaching a status like this was not a piece of cake. But Shawn2hot has proven that once you know what you want to achieve, the next step is to get onto it with all your might and strength until your success is in your hands. Instagram:

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